August 2016

Elite Maintenance Service Provider

Free Workplace Safety Audit

This month we are offering you a free workplace safety audit. If you’d like to find out more information about the free audit then click here and we will get in touch with you in the next 24 hours with more information and make a time to come out and visit your property and do the [...]

This Month’s Special Offer!

With every CS – 100 Clickshare purchased during August and September, you will receive a FREE CLICKSHARE BUTTON.   

How to get everyone engaged in meetings. 

Do you often find your team struggling to engage and collaborate in meetings? Bring their creativity alive by simply using a Clickshare device in all of your meetings. An incredible solution for brainstorming moments which brings new ideas, people and content together. Clickshare Demo available now by calling us on 1300 662 062. What’s a Clickshare? “ClickShare is a [...]