How to get everyone engaged in meetings. 

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Do you often find your team struggling to engage and collaborate in meetings?

Bring their creativity alive by simply using a Clickshare device in all of your meetings.

An incredible solution for brainstorming moments which brings new ideas, people and content together.

Clickshare Demo available now by calling us on 1300 662 062.

What’s a Clickshare?

“ClickShare is a wireless presentation and collaboration system, that allows any meeting participant to share content on the central meeting room screen.”

What are the three main benefits you will experience by using this amazing device?

1- Productivity & Performance Increase: meetings keep their flow, everyone is involved in the decision – making process.

2- Cost Effective: Reduce amount of calls to Service Desk.

3- No set – up or cables required.

Check out this video for more information.

“Since the implementation of the ClickShare units in several of our meeting rooms, we have received many great feedbacks from our internal staffs.

Both internal staffs and external guests had benefited from the ClickShare tremendously and it simply just works every time.

It has increased productivity and reduced the amount of calls to the Service Desk, as users are able to operate the ClickShare without the need for additional help.

There are no complicated setups or messy tangled wires to deal with, the unit itself is compact and built with great quality.

We highly recommend this ClickShare unit to any organisations that would like to increase productivity and efficiencies in their meeting rooms.

Thank you to “The Maintenance Boys” for introducing this product to MunichRE.” – Kevin Pan, APAC Service Desk Team Leader